When the Memorial Day tornadoes hit, #DaytonStrong emerged and it was perfect. We are STRONG! We came together and took care of one another when an event that we thought would never happened tried to destroy us.

Strong wasn't enough for us, so we added Resilient, Determined and Ambitious to our tee, because all of these qualities were so visible during this time that we wanted to highlight them all.  

Then we had the unfortunate events of the August 4th mass shooting. Once again Dayton had to show it's strength to support those who lost loved ones and those who had to experience such a scary and threatening night. 

We created this tee as our way of being able to extend our service, by donating 20% of the proceeds to the SoLoved organization, that has been working very hard to support the victims and all of those affected by these incidents. 

If you were affected and need assistance or would like to support please reach out to SoLoved