Keisha's Favorite Things - #SupportMeorBlockMe

As a part of the #SupportMeorBlockMe campaign I wanted to share a couple of my favorite businesses. (All links will open a new window)

Arcani Coil Care - Hair Care (Black Carbon shampoo & Glory Leave-In are my favs)

Baba Love Organics - Facial & Body Care (Superfood clay masque, Activate cleanser & Cucumber are my favs)

Emerald Sparks LTD - Small Business Financial services (Create Sparks Financial Planner is my fav)

FBF Body - Fitness apparel (The Everyday Set is everything!!!) Use the link and get 10% off with KeishG

Glamaholic Lifestyle - (The Matte Black set is a must have)

Twist Cupcakery - Turtle Brownie, nuff said!

Soul'd Out Cuisine - website coming soon, search them on Facebook.